GM, I’m batuX, and I make early stage, high conviction investments into the best teams 🍷

Modularism, not maximalism.

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I support mission-driven founders, building in & for the modular blockchain and transaction supply chain stack, that are innovative and collaborative with strategy / GTM, BD / portfolio synergies, protocol design & economics, navigating centralized exchange ecosystems, industry contacts.

If you are a BUIDLer and would like to discuss your idea/s with me, please reach out!

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I started my crypto career in 2017 by buying into the top. Shortly after, I joined Binance and enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that came with it.

At Binance, I joined the investments team, and later co-led venture investments (Binance Labs) and the primary token offerings platform (Binance Launchpad). We supported teams such as 1inch, Axie Infinity, Celestia, Dune Analytics, Polygon, The Sandbox, and more, with pre-seed and seed capital, as well as their token launches via the Launchpad product on — an exchange platform with more than a hundred million (100,000,000+) in MAU.

After Binance acquired CoinMarketCap (CMC), a data aggregation website with with more than a hundred million (100,000,000+) in MAU, I transitioned teams and established the Business Development division at CMC. At CMC, my team and I launched CMC Earn, one of the largest pv & uv products in the crypto space. We successfully supported teams such as 1inch, Helium, The Graph, The Sandbox, and more, to onboard millions (1,000,000+) of new users into their ecosystems.

After participating in and contributing to the growth of the Celestia protocol as an avid supporter since 2019, I’m grateful to have been offered the opportunity to formally join the Celestia Foundation as a Director to further enhance and solidify Celestia’s position as the leading modular blockchain network.