My Investments

Selected Portfolio:

Modular Infrastructure / Tx Supply Chain:

  • Astria (seed, series A): the first shared sequencer network, consuming Celestia underneath
  • Bitcoin Layers (pre-seed): Bitcoin programmability research organization
  • Caldera (seed): leading infrastructure provider to facilitate launching your own app execution environment / rollup
  • Celestia (seed, Series A): the first modular blockchain network
  • Citrea (seed, series A): first zk rollup on Bitcoin
  • Delta (pre-seed, seed): succinct L1 with a sharded validity rollup architecture
  • Eclipse (series A): Ethereum's first SVM L2 with Celestia underneath
  • EigenLayer (series A): the first restaking platform
  • Essential (seed): the first declarative blockchain
  • FairBlock (pre-seed): building infrastructure for pre-execution privacy
  • Initia (seed): a rollup settlement layer consuming Celestia underneath
  • Neutron (seed): CosmWasm smart contract platform, settlement layer for CosmWasm rollups consuming Celestia underneath
  • Pocket Network (seed): most reliable and redundant full node network, decentralized RPC protocol with Celestia underneath
  • Tsumori (pre-seed): developing an intent-based architecture
  • Zerion (Series A): portal into web3


  • 1inch (seed): category defining DEX aggregator
  • Encode Club (seed): leading web3 education community via bootcamps, hackathons, accelerators, and educational workshops
  • Euler (pre-seed): decentralized long-tail money market protocol
  • Hashflow (seed): RFQ based DEX, signature based pricing that eliminates slippage and MEV
  • Immunefi (seed, Series A): leading web3 security and bug bounty platform
  • Lido (seed): category defining decentralized staking protocol on Ethereum, and other networks
  • Maple Finance (pre-seed): decentralized credit protocol focusing on crypto-native lending
  • Renzo (seed): EigenLayer’s restaking hub
  • (seed): leading data provider and research platform for staking
  • StepN (seed): decentralizing Nike Run Club, pioneer in move&earn
  • Taproot Wizards (seed): cute ordinals
  • The Sandbox (seed): virtual gaming world where players and creators can build, truly own and monetize gaming experiences/assets


  • Flamingo DAO: leading collector, curator, and artist DAO for NFTs
  • Zero DAO: collective of allocators, operators, researchers investing into the modular stack and zk technology